Unique in the industry

Our printing facility has been MINERGIE®-certified since 2004.

A heat-insulated shell made of Swiss timber reduces the building’s energy consumption by 25 per cent, more than required by the MINERGIE® standard. Heat recovered from the printing shop provides 70 per cent of the energy used to heat the building. A combination of measures has reduced energy consumption by 60 per cent compared with previous levels, and these efforts are being optimised on a continuous basis. For example, the lighting system is to be made even more efficient. And the possibility of using the 600 m2 roof for a photovoltaic installation is being looked into. We are FSC®-certified. We guarantee print media made with paper from responsible forestry, and if desired can label them with the FSC® logo.

Investing in the latest technology

Wolfenberger invests in the latest printing technology on an ongoing basis. For example we’re the first printer in Switzerland to use manroland’s InlineColorPilot, an inline measurement and control system offering complete documentation of the production run, plus significant reductions in paper and energy consumption thanks to quicker set-up and fewer breaks in production. We now also use the latest LED UV technology, which allows us to speed up production even more and further reduce our use of paper and energy.

Sustainability (PDF, German)